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Create Brains for Robots™

Awaken your inner genius

With Neurorobotics Studio, unleash your creativity and unlock endless possibilities in robotics and AI — no coding required!

Infinite possibility

Seamlessly simple: your vision, their motion

For Aspiring Minds

Dive into the world of robotics with our innovative software platform, designed for thinkers and creators of all ages. From the curious kindergartener exploring the foundations of logic to the college student mastering intricate reactions, our platform bridges the gap between imagination and creation. Harness the core principles of neuroscience to breathe life into robots and embark on a captivating journey of discovery.

For Advanced Explorers

Push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of cognitive neuroscience with our state-of-the-art platform. Ideal for experts and researchers, this tool provides a unique opportunity to test hypotheses, conduct experiments, and draw meaningful conclusions. Join our thriving community to share, collaborate, and redefine the future of robotic intelligence.

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STEM for all ages

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Testbed for systems neuroscience

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Self-guided avatars

Flexible embodiments

Pick a robot, any robot!

Neurorobotics Studio has the capability to adapt to a vast range of embodiments, from robotic arms to virtual cars and games.

Connect neural pathways with the circuit builder

Visualize brain structures in 3D

Monitor brain activities in realtime

Interact with the brain by stimulating neurons

Create, Collaborate, Innovate

Uniting minds, expanding knowledge

Build amazing things together! Develop exciting new behaviors for your embodiments and share them with the world. Discover functional neuronal circuits created by others and use them as building blocks for your own work.

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Learn, Research, Explore

Building brains for robots™ is easier than you think!

Neurorobotics Studio provides comprehensive in-app tutorials to enhance your understanding of neuroscience and robotics. Our tutorials equip you to begin your Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) journey and create brains for robots with unique behaviors. From novice to expert, you can learn to harness the principles of neuroscience and develop functional robotic brains, making AGI accessible to all.

For advanced users

Neurorobotics Studio is far more than meets the eye.

As a neuroscientist specializing in systems, cognition, or computation, you can take advantage of advanced features to develop intricate neuronal circuits while leveraging rich sensory motor interactions with physical and virtual embodiments.

Connect cortical areas

Develop functional cortical structures layer by layer, while accounting for the intricacy of inter-cortical projections.

Stimulate neurons

Interact with the brain from the system level down to neuron level while monitoring it from multiple perspectives in real time.

Customize neuron parameters, study changes in system behaviors, and validate hypotheses. The platform offers many advanced features, including:

Leaky Integrate and Fire (LIF) neuron model

Excitatory and inhibitory synapses

Realtime monitoring

Spike Time Dependent Plasticity (STDP)

Model complex neuron axon projections

Manual neuronal stimulation

As a roboticist, you can rapidly prototype an advanced control system for your robot and build complex behaviors to take full advantage of your robot hardware. Create behaviors and apply them to multiple robots, all without writing a single line of code.

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Under the Hood

Lifecycle of a FEAGI Brain

The technology behind Neurorobotics Studio is FEAGI (Framework for Evolutionary Artificial General Intelligence). Beginning with an artificial genome, brain features encoded as genes go through developmental processes to form an immature artificial brain. Stimuli received from the environment shapes and reshapes the brain, enabling it to adapt to the environment and mature.

After brain inception, you can perform experiments using an interactive interface. Monitor neuronal activities across brain regions and stimulate neurons in realtime. Add new brain structures and modify properties while the brain is active.

Connect the artificial brain with physical or simulated robots, develop new behaviors for them with the brain, and transfer that functionality between embodiments.

With FEAGI, Brains for Robots™ can be downloaded in the form of a genome and shared with the community, forming a human-driven natural selection process with incredible potential.

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Let's get started

Neurorobotics StudioBeta is free to join right now! Get in on the ground floor of the future of robotics, and build something amazing.

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