Humanity’s future is intertwined with intelligent machines

Join us in creating safe & useful AI for our loved ones

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Why are service robots not yet part of our daily lives?

Despite revolutionary advancements in the field, major obstacles remain

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Skill barriers

Robotics development requires advanced programming skills and expert knowledge, limiting it to a small segment of society

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High costs and low efficiency are major barriers to widespread adoption of robots

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Development time

Even for experienced engineers and developers, creating safe and useful behaviors for robots is a lengthy process

Welcome to the future of robotics

At Neuraville, we’re breaking down barriers. Our mission? To make robotics accessible to everyone—reducing constraints on technical background and budget.

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Let’s build Brains for Robots™!

Inclusivity at the Forefront

With our user-friendly platform, anyone can design and develop sophisticated robot "brains"—no advanced programming knowledge required.

Fast, Fluid Development

Say goodbye to the slow grind of robotics development. Our intuitive tools drastically reduce the time from concept to creation, enabling rapid prototyping and deployment.


Our commitment to cost effectiveness means bringing your robotic visions to reality without breaking the bank, democratizing access for hobbyists, educators, and students alike.


Neurorobotics Studio

An intuitive way to build behaviors for robots without coding. Build brains for robots™ and observe its interworking in realtime.

Share, collaborate & explore others' work

Share your creation with a large community, collaborate with your friends, and discover possibilities.

Pick a robot, any robot!

Work with a large variety of robots. Don’t have a robot? No problem! You can select a game character and build a brain for it instead.

STEM in its true sense

Learn about foundations of neuroscience, robotics, and more through tutorials and experiment with virtual or physical robots.

Discover the future of robotics

Learn more about the infinite possibilities of Neurorobotics Studio

Evolutionary AGI

Unlike anything you’ve seen before

The technology behind Neurorobotics Studio is our novel open source platform FEAGI (Framework for Evolutionary Artificial General Intelligence), a digital neural network inspired by the human brain.

With the efficiency of event-based processing, the unmatched power of cloud computing, the deep insights of neuroscience, and the vast diversity of robotics at your fingertips, our platform equips you to shape the future.

Craft sophisticated artificial brains for both physical and simulated robots, and share your vision with a like-minded community. Here, you don’t just participate; you lead, innovate, and inspire. Your potential is boundless, and we’re here to amplify it.

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Event-driven software


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Neuromorphic design


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Virtual & robotic integration

Calling all developers!

Get in on the ground floor of this exciting open source AGI. Run and develop your own brains and behaviors locally, and share your discoveries with your peers.


We welcome partnership from both industry and educational institutions

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Our work at heart involves extensive scientific research; through collaborations, we can achieve the unthinkable together

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